Ravish Boyz


Official Ravish Boyz Story
Sometimes you’re just in the wrong damn place at the wrong damn time. Never was this more true than in the case of Sam and Micky Jones - a pair of normal kids who loved going on adventures in the wild, finding cool shit, playing soccer in the park, and doing what kids do best - letting their imaginations run wild. The brothers were best friends and hung out every day after school and all day during the weekends. It was a good life for the two young boys.. but you know what they say.. all good things must come to an end. On the day in question, the sun was at its highest point in the sky. It was pushing 100 degrees and Sam and Micky had been wandering around for the best part of 3 hours. They were tired, thirsty, and decided to head back home along the long gravel path through the canyon they were walking in. About half a mile further down the track, Sam’s foot caught on something, tripping him over. Laughing about it, the pair of them looked down to see what had caused the stumble. Amongst the rocks, dust, and debris, something golden and shiny glinted up at them. Micky picked up the strange object which looked like it had been untouched for millennia. It was covered in dust and dirt, which fell to the ground as the boys started to brush it away. As the dirt dropped away and revealed the relic, the boys began to realise that they were holding some sort of golden orb. The orb was a little bigger than a tennis ball and covered in strange, ancient looking markings. It had a lid that looked like it had been sealed shut thousands of years ago with the idea of it never being opened again. The orb had a strange quality to it, emitting a type of sound unlike anything the boys had ever heard, something between a whisper and a hum. The air around them started to vibrate and crackle with a dark sort of energy. You ever heard the phrase 'Curiosity Killed the Cat’? Never was that more true than in the case of the brothers in the canyon on that day. The boys looked at each other with excited grins, eager to find out way lay in waiting for them inside the orb. Micky placed his hand on the lid and started to twist it open. It was stiff to turn and made a crunchy, gritty sound as he spun the lid round and round. Finally as he started to get to the end, there was a small hiss and a strange, damp, musky odour crept out of the relic. Micky and Sam looked at each other and slowly lifted the lid. A huge burst of green light erupted from the orb, shooting up into the sky. Thunder clouds immediately gathered, blocking out the sun. Gale force winds appeared out of nowhere and the temperature dropped to around 50 degrees in the space of a couple of seconds. A low, menacing laugh emerged from the orb and a face slowly appeared in the green light. Sam and Micky looked up at the scene in horror as a figure began to materialise more clearly in front of them. The creature had a face unlike anything they’d ever seen. Crimson red skin, with deep purple eyes and a wicked smile hovering over them. There were strange patterns - similar to those on the orb - tattooed on its scalp, but most frighteningly of all, two crooked horns appeared from each side of its head. Teeth protruded from the bottom of his jaw - each one razor sharp like a knife. As the body began to take a more physical form, a forked tail appeared and in one hand he held a fearsome looking golden trident. As the boys turned and ran whilst the devilish figure continued laughing, a low, thunderous voice, started to echo all around them.. “Sam! Micky! I suppose I should be thanking you. You’ve released me from my prison of the last 4000 years. You see, lot’s of people know me by different names.. The Devil, Satan, Beelzebub.. the list is endless. But let me formally introduce myself to you. I am the Ravish Lord. 4000 years ago, a group of humans trapped me in that god forsaken relic, but thanks to you, I’m free to carry out my revenge. I’ve had a long time to plan, and as a thank you to you both for playing an important part in the proceedings, I’m going to do you the honour of making you my first soldiers. I’ll call you the Ravish Boyz. What’s my plan I hear you ask? Oh, it’s simple! World Domination is the first step, sure! I’ll turn every human into a Ravish Boy by placing them in my special incubators, but let’s dream big! Once I have my Ravish Army, why would I stop at the world when I could have the whole Universe? Now.. where were we? Oh yes! You’re my first test subjects. I’ve got the incubators all ready for you. So, you feeling Ravish?”
June 10th 1984, The Ravish invasion commenced