Ravish Boyz
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Ravish Boyz

Official Ravish Boyz Whitepaper
Ravish Boyz is a 5432 NFT collection with the aim of penetrating the current market with an influx of easily accessible services falling under the Ravish Agency whilst generating income through multiple revenue streams which is then re injected back into the iterative process. We will be operating under two main sources of Utility. Ravish Agency : Our custom agency consisting of three company partnerships as well as having over 10+ professional individuals with expertises ranging from Web Development to Legal Consultation. All individuals working under the Ravish Agency are provided with free marketing, consultation and brand discounts. Ravish Boyz takes a commission fee for services run under the Agency and redistributes profits back into our investment plan. Ravish : Our very own luxury streetwear brand which operates in Malta. Run by three experienced individuals with past involvement working alongside high end brands and the sole aim of creating mediums, vessels to delegate the thoughts and philosophies of ourselves and our members to the world. Through high end textiles and a message that many can relate to, Ravish is entering the competitive clothing scene with a huge head start. Ravish Boyz take a % of profit which are also redistributed back into our investment plan.